Our Biggest Challenge Yet

In February this year, we touched land in Barbados having spent 54 days at sea in a tiny rowing boat. We had completed what many thought was beyond us, a 3000 mile unaided row across The Atlantic. Neither of us had ever rowed or sailed, and had no credentials to make the crossing, but those close to us will confirm, we never doubted ourselves for a second.

We arrived back in the UK, and before our beards were trimmed and tans faded, we resigned from our roles at two very privileged jobs (a big thanks to both Wasserman and Vita Coco, who supported our row from day one, and understood our decision 100%). We had learnt some key things whilst at sea, about ourselves and also each other. But what trumped the satisfaction of completing the challenge, was a new-born confidence within ourselves and our capabilities. If we could raise £90,000 of hard-cash from a standing start, bringing together brands like GoPro, Dropbox and Spotify into one campaign, then what could we achieve with all our energy going into a business?

The fateful day came when we handed in our office key cards and said our goodbyes, we were now on our own, no guaranteed pay cheque, and no security. At this point, we still had no idea what The Tempest Two was, but we were convinced there was something there which others would value. 

Since then, we have created content for some of our favourite brands, kayaked through the stunning archipelago of Sweden, and summited the tallest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc. We have found ourselves becoming accomplished inspirational/motivational speakers, delivering talks across the world to brands such as Nike, Airbnb & Dropbox. We have also begun consulting in marketing to some exciting new clients, advising how to tap into a fresh audience in innovative ways. But more than anything, we have had fun. We now wake up everyday with a fire to succeed, and the dreaded Sunday blues is a thing of the past!

2017 is set to be even bigger, and our goals are lofty to say the least. But for now, we are dwelling on 2016, the most incredible year of our lives. Only 6 months in, we are in no-way qualified to advise on ‘entrepreneurship’, but we can give you an insight into what it has been like to take the dreaded plunge.

Our biggest learning, is simply to back yourself. There will always be doubt from within, and from those around you, but overcoming this is crucial. We were nervous, but once we took that step into the open, those nerves were replaced with a burning drive. This is not a preach against ‘the system’ which many self-employed people seem to do. Having an awesome job at a great company is amazing, but if you are thinking that 2017 is your year to go-alone, then ask yourself one question.

‘What is the worst that could happen?’

We found that by answering that question, opens the mind, and the stigma of leaving full-time security fades away. After all, there are 1000 more jobs out there if all goes tits-up.

We will end this by saying a huge thanks to all those who have followed, believed and supported us along the way. Have an incredible festive period, and we will see you on the other-side.

Peace out,


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