1% for the Planet

We are super stoked to announce a partnership, that has been long in the plans for The Tempest Two. It is a partnership that fully embodies our values, and gives us the chance to give back to something we gain from on a daily basis.

The Tempest Two is committed to working and behaving in a way that we think, is the future for business. We strive to be a responsible company, so have joined the community of 1% for the Planet, giving us the chance to give back to the incredible landscape that gives so much to us. It’s simple really, we give 1% of our revenue, back to the environment via non-profit organisations. We see it as a self imposed tax, and acknowledgement of the waste we create. 
It is an ongoing commitment and a long term partnership that we look forward to progressing with. We gain a huge amount of inspiration from researching different parts of the world online, and we come across these issues, both local and global on a regular basis. We rely on the environment we travel to, to be both beautiful and unspoiled.

1% for the Planet is a unique platform, in which we work collaboratively, to give at least 1% of all revenue to environmental charities. The focus is based on 5 key principles - Food, land, water, wildlife, pollution.

We look forward to seeing our donations and work go some way towards aiding the positive development of these situations, be it through technology, or change in attitude.

In the 1% community, we are sat alongside some incredible brands and companies that we hugely respect, with the same mind-set and approach.

For us, we will use Project Patagonia as a visual launchpad for our work with 1%. They will be partnering us with a local, environmental NGO for both the duration of our training journey and our adventure there too as we cover nearly 2000km of the area via bike, trail and paddle board. We will be providing an insight on climate change that is directly affecting the region of Patagonia. We can’t wait to get started, so keep your eyes peeled for a fund raiser or 2 in the lead up, and get stuck in to help where you can.

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