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A question we are frequently asked is, what do you speak about when you deliver a keynote to companies?

The answer is relatively simple. Experiences.

Experiences shape peoples motivations. Good or bad. And we want to connect with those experiences and motivations in every employee, to appeal to a wider purpose than a company target or statistic. By doing so, engagement and motivation in the workforce rise, and naturally, productivity soars.

We use our adventures as a vehicle to deliver lessons and learnings. From how we continue to achieve the so-called “impossible” goals, to the void felt immediately after. The routines we put in place, and the underlying reason we can’t wait for Monday morning.


We have been lucky enough to work with a variety of companies, from finance to technology, entertainment to customer service. With that, we see a huge array of workplace cultures and a multitude of office environments. We work with some of the most innovative and fresh thinking organisations on the planet, and some who are stuck in the past. Now, you would expect the old institutions to implement the archaic practices, and the new tech firms to lead the way in new ideas. This certainly isn't always the case. 

When workload is high, and office culture is overlooked, turnover of staff increases regardless of industry. More and more, people are becoming aware of the amount of time spent at work, and demand purpose, inspiration and progress. Having a ping-pong table and a beer trolley simply doesn’t cut it in response to the demands of a high performing workforce.

We work with organisations around the world to connect with people through experiences, which in-turn, triggers thoughts on what connects them to their workplace. Linking motivations, goals and happiness throughout. By re-setting these initial thoughts, it encourages wider perspective on the employees motivations and more often than not, re-aligns personal goals with that of the companies. If this isn't the case, and the trajectories of employer and employee are not aligned, then it should be recognised that a parting of ways could be beneficial for both parties. Airbnb are an incredible example of a company we work with, who understand that their employees will naturally look for new challenges in their career. Instead of trying to dampen these ambitions, and restrict people from leaving, they embrace it, and will help them in anyway they can. 

We cover a few key topics when we go in and work with organisations. Whether it's the future leaders and change agents, or over-stretched, under utilised middle management. We require buy in from the very top, and act immediately to ask big questions. We are not there to tick a box of “external culture consultants”. We won't run bullshit tests to determine a new seating plan in the office. But we will connect with people face to face, unlocking hidden motivations and goals, that benefit both employee and company. 

Below are the topics we initially focus on, with the view of being actionable immediately:

  • Finding your Motivation

Motivation in the workplace is a direct reflection of the environment created. Fostering and striving for shared goals in a positive environment stimulates the desire to perform above and beyond expectation

  • Target Practice

Goal setting is directly linked to employee happiness, engagement and performance,. By striving for a goal, whether small daily wins, or longer-term focuses, a sense of importance and involvement in the wider company is achieved, giving purpose to a role, which is the number one indicator of happiness at work.

  • The Formula

Forming or changing a habit can seem hard to do, but it’s as easy as cue, routine, reward. With the right questions asked, and the support of the organisation, we help to build those habits (The Formula) that sets the wheels in motion for positive rewards, both inside and outside of work. 

  • Mindfulness not (wo)manliness

For years, people have thought mindfulness is the work of monks through meditation. More and more, organisations and individuals around the world are recognising the benefits. From increased focus for sustained periods of time, to general happiness and better relationships at work. 

  • Theres no bravery in that Bravado (Emotional Intelligence session)

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions, and the emotions of others. This is a vital component of company culture, to ensure relationships within the organisation are strong, respectful and effective. Without this, success cannot be achieved. 

We are trying to bring real solutions to organisations, to make long term change. We are in the business of helping people accomplish their goals.  As two young adventurers, we do not have decades of office experience to quote, or a masters degree in organisational psychology. But we do practice what we preach, and in doing so, have gone through some incredible experiences that not many can claim to have experienced.

As we continue to push ourselves in adventure, we hope to earn vital knowledge to share with our clients. Our real passion is to inspire people to realise their own potential, and if that helps a company, then its a win-win. 

If you feel any of what we offer could be of benefit to you and your teams, then we would love to chat to you, so give us a shout @thetempesttwo or 

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