Project Patagonia

So here it is, we are stoked to finally announce our next big adventure. In October this year, we will be taking on a world-first ultra-triathlon through one of the rawest environments on the planet, Patagonia.

As always, we have no experience in any of the disciplines, there will be no fan-fare, no support vehicles or first aiders on hand, just the two of us, pushing ourselves through the pain barrier. Our goal is to show what is possible if body and mind are applied to a task in unison.

The triathlon will be formed of three long distance elements. A 1600km cycle. A 65k run. A 200km stand up paddle.

Cycle - This 1600km route will take us from the tiny village of Caleta Gonzalo in the north of the Patagonia region, to the southern  mountain town of El Chalten. We will travel via the incredible national parks of Conservacion Patagonia, the Nevado Quelat, and Cochrane. The road will be mainly gravel, with steep unforgiving climbs and winding roads through desolate planes, to ice-ridden glacier fields. We have been told that the wind in Patagonia is bordering on biblical, and being the most southerly land on Earth apart from Antarctica, the weather is as brutal as it comes. We can only hope that the elements are kind to us, as our progress lies fully in its hands. For this leg, we will be sleeping in the wilderness, taking all the kit we require with us on our bikes. We hope to arrive into El Chalten after 12-14 solid days, where will be looking forward to strapping on the running shoes (lie) and getting stuck into the next leg!

Run - We hate running as much as the next person, and regularly struggle to hit the 10k mark. However, we have set ourselves the challenge of completing the ankle swelling 65km route around the incredible Huemul Circuit in 24 hours. This route is known to be one of the best/toughest trekking circuits in Patagonia and is typically scheduled in as a five-day hike. We want to be the first people ever to complete the circuit in 24 hours, which will require us conquering the long unmarked glacier flats, un-manned river and ravine crossings, intense scrambles, altitude climbs and loose trails underfoot. Half of which we will take on in the dark. Nothing like a test!

Stand Up Paddle Board - At this point in time, neither of us have ever spent more than 10 minutes on a paddle-board, making our 200km goal seem slightly ambitious. Yet again, the wind will play a key role in this part of the trip, and we will be using inflatable boards which we can deflate and run with if the weather turns against us. All of our gear will join us on the boards, stored safely in dry bags. Our plan is to pull onto the shore in the evenings to rest up, and re-energise. We aim to finish up on the peninsula opposite the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier, and skirt the giant ice cliffs.

The above isn’t just going to happen overnight, and we are taking our training incredibly seriously.  We have 4 months to get ourselves into ultra-endurance shape, and we have enlisted the help from some of the best there is. We will be sharing our journey regularly, across our social channels and vlogs and keeping you up to date with our progress throughout. We are proud to be working with the guys at Nike Training and Trek Bicycles, who will be adding some expertise into our training regimes, and getting us in the shape necessary to tackle the challenge ahead. 

Why Patagonia?

We have chosen Patagonia as our destination for this adventure for two reasons. Firstly, the place looks incredible, and we have been drawn to it for some time. It’s vast emptiness looks eerily beautiful and intimidating in equal measure. Testing ourselves in a world-first endurance feat is one thing, but doing so in an environment like Patagonia, seems like a trip for the ages. 

Secondly, (the ‘whoa’ moment) on looking into the region further as we researched this trip, we came across an issue that continues to crop up when researching our trips, that is the impact humans are having on nature. Maybe we are closer to it now than before, as we look to remote places around the world for inspiration on adventures, but it is a recurring topic that seems to be on the worlds lips. Patagonia is a shop window into the effects of climate change, and is home to the second largest glacier on the planet (beaten only by those in Antartica). The ice however is receding faster than ever before, and will soon be reduced to melt-water unless drastic changes are made. So we are going to be partnering with a small environmental non-profit organisation in the region, to do whatever we can to make a difference. We are in no way clued up on this, politically or scientifically, but its something that’s close to our hearts. We want to use our trip to share some good, and hopefully make people aware of the damage we are doing to our planet, from the front-lines. 

We cannot wait to share our journey with you all, and we hope that some of you will join us along the way during our preparation stage. We are always looking for friends to ride/run/SUP with, so please do reach out! If you see us struggling through a run, feel free to shout abuse/support from afar, it would be much appreciated!

So that’s it, now time for us to deliver!



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