Witty, engaging and inspiring - The Tempest Two managed to capture and share their adventure in an elegant and insightful way, that amused and inspired in equal amounts.
— Heath Harvey, CEO, Saracens RFC

Since founding The Tempest Two, we have always made it clear that we have not special, brave or superhuman. We have no gold medals, military expertise, or olympic final stories. We are two ordinary friends, who one day decided to roll the dice and row the Atlantic!

Since that moment, stepping on-land in Barbados. Our perception of our own, and others potential has been flipped on its head. We now have a passion to remove the word CAN’T from peoples vocabularies, and share stories of adventure which people can laugh at, relate to, and use as inspiration to push themselves past their perceived limits.

For this reason alone, we have become regulars at some of the most incredible brands around, speaking to their teams, and getting people to leave the room with a new sense of motivation, and a desire to operate outside their comfort zone.

We love what we do, and our clients love what we do. It’s perfect! If you don’t believe us, check out some of the lovely testimonials below.

If you feel your team would benefit from one of our keynotes, lets have a chat, and we can figure out how we can best help.



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