A journal entry of the tempest two

#2 Atlantic Row

An encounter with whales

Location - N25.07.769’ - W019.00.525’.

Apologies for the slow follow up for blog 2, we have had some big weather over the past few days in the form of big swells, winds and water coming over the boat at all angles. We have been soaked through to the bone now for 4 days and its starting to get to us a little.

So - On day 2, I (James) was throwing up whenever i spent more than 30 seconds in the cabin (am writing this now whilst being thrown around and so far so good) so was in, out and over the side like a yoyo. Tom was on the oars and shouted whales! After i jumped up 4 separate times to see nothing,  I gave up and Tom said he wouldn’t mention it again. that lasted 30 seconds and i tried to ignore him but could hear some squeaks coming from under the boat also. Incredible scenes, for 1 hour or so we had hundreds migrating past us and checking us out. Some easily twice the length of the boat (which massively shocked me as earlier Tom said they were just like “fat dolphins:”

The weather continues to blast us in a SW direction with big swells and winds, at one point a wave breaking over the stern cabin Perfect Storm style with Tom inside - with hatch open leaping to slam it shut, too late - damage done and a wet mattress was the outcome. The cabin might be the worst place in the world to spend any time, let alone sleep, at night it is dripping with condensation and at day hot as hell from the sun. Never getting more than 90 mins sleep is also taking its toll and some interesting dreams have happened. i have woken up as a detective twice, and tourism guide once, all of which the boat is the main point of the dream.

The night time is fairly long and miserable and the only time we chat is on swap over from shifts, then the horrible sound of the other closing the door for their 2 hours rest/ body maintenance hits home. Last night was like white water rafting through big swells, where the soundtrack is a mixture of music through our jaybirds and some colourful language from when the oars skip the water and we level ourselves in the shin. Anyone who has played golf with me will understand the colourful vocabulary on display. Sleep hasn’t really been an issue as we are so fatigued and keeping awake on the oars is proving difficult into the 4,5,6am shifts.

We are keeping ourselves positive though and love receiving messages of support from home, it doesn’t feel like the 23rd December on here, we are wishing al friends and family back home an incredible Christmas, if you can spare a thought for us by donating to the charities that would be much appreciated. Keep your eyes peeled for a Christmas post :)


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